Collection: Gemstones

  • Natural crystals go through a long growth process, complex growth environment, and intricate processing stages. Almost every natural crystal accessory has unavoidable small flaws, which are unique to natural crystals such as ice cracks or inadvertent small mineral defects. It's difficult to guarantee 100% perfection, so please consider carefully before purchasing.
  • 天然水晶從漫長的生長過程、複雜的生長環境和繁瑣的加工環節中,幾乎每一個天然水晶飾品都有無法避免的小瑕疵,這些瑕疵是天然水晶特有的冰裂或不經意的小礦缺,難以保證有100%的完美。購買前請先考慮清楚